El Salvador

Impatiently awaiting the next adventure in her life, Jessica is a Connecticut born, Texan raised, constantly day-dreaming traveler. She has a laundry list of next places to go and a game plan to hit all of those places laid out for years to come. While she tries to manage the virtue of patience in her non-traveling time, she pursues the Dallas / Fort Worth scene to experience all of the culinary and social wonders that it has to offer.  It is a wonderful coincidence that travel and food can both transport you into new cultural arenas.

Jessica inherited her wanderlust from her parents; one Bostonian and one Australian. Having parents from different continents trains a young woman to sleep almost anywhere, try weird looking cuisines, pack like a pro, and appreciate new perspectives, among other skills. With that knowledge, she hopes to continue traveling and experiencing, and will use this very blog to share all of it with you.

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