Verona, Italy

Cons of staying in old, non-soundproof buildings in busy cities – 6 AM  garbage truck alarms. Earplugs are highly recommended! Thankfully, the adrenalin of heading to Verona kicked in (along with an ‘espresso) and we hopped in the bus.

Our comedian of a tour guide helped pass the time on the drive, as well as the beautiful scenery on both sides of the road. We arrived at the Arena di Verona, a smaller version of the coliseum, and walked down the colorful streets to arrive at Casa di Giulietta, from Romeo and Juliet! Not only was the entry to the balcony packed with people, but there was also a lock wall that granted luck in love for anyone who placed a lock. By complete coincidence, I had a luggage lock in my purse and was able to place it on the wall! It really solidified the romance of the bustling courtyard.


Love locks at Casa di Giulietta Verona, Italy

The market in Verona, Italy

With all that walking, we were parched and hungry. I bought a water bottle to carry for the remainder of the trip, as water is expensive and not always easy to come by, and we filled our energy tank with some lasagna before we toured the coliseum. Unfortunately, the coliseum was a little underwhelming due to construction and a concert event stage, but it is still an incredible ruin to behold.


After about thirty minutes it was time to meet the group at our rendezvous site to head to Venice, so we decided to run to the loo first. Fun fact – you have to pay to use the restroom in most places in Italy! Just a euro or two… but still! Being Americans, we were faux-outraged but some hilarity ensued as we ran out of coinage and some toilet patrol bribery ensued. Thankfully, the girls were able to flirt their way to the throne, but it was a close call!

Verona tips:

  • Bring earplugs
  • Invest in a small water bottle to carry with you throughout Italy
  • Always have spare change for a potty break
  • Bring a lock for Giulietta’s wall