Taco Heads, Fort Worth

Flour tortillas. Yes, you read that right, flour tortillas, are by far, one of my favorite components to any “south of the border” style dish. A few years back, I stumbled upon a taco truck that toasted their flour tortillas before filling them with taco-goodness and topping them with spicy sauce. This little truck of Taco Heads, open late across the street from my apartment, stole my taste bud’s heart, lots of my money, and my taco buying business forever (when possible).

Unfortunately, my love story with this taco truck became one of long distance as I uprooted my life to a new city a good 45 minutes away. While away, the Taco Heads truck opened a permanent location in Fort Worth with an expanded menu. Once I head about it, I vowed to visit and enjoy every morsel of what the new menu had to offer!

The new location has an almost beachy, modern feel with a clean lined inside area to eat and a large outdoor picnic area which will be great for patio season.

Taco Heads, Fort Worth, Texas

I absolutely love their breakfast tacos, especially the chorizo Mexicano & egg taco, but those are only served until 11 AM or after hours, so for this visit I was out of luck. Instead, I started my menu journey off with their take on Mexican street corn called Elotes: roasted corn, chile aioli, garlic-butter, cotija.

Elotes at Taco Heads, Fort Worth, Texas

I know, that photo made your mouth water and it was just as delicious! Trying to eat it delicately without making a mess is difficult, but who doesn’t love a bit of a challenge?

Next up: the Nuevo Leon al Pastor taco with grilled pineapple, onion, cilantro, red cabbage, adobo, queso fresco. At first, I thought the chunks of grilled pineapple were the pieces of pork, but boy was I wrong. The pineapple melted in my mouth and was the perfect flavor addition to this toasted taco (featured on the right).

Taco Heads, Fort Worth Texas

Last but not least in the flavor department, the Carnitas (seriously, legit) tacos with green cabbage, onion, cilantro, queso fresco. This taco has a mild flavor but, with the addition of some of the Taco Heads spicy green verde sauce, it stands out.

Overall, if you are looking for a great meal that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, Taco Heads is your place. Just be aware, it is very addictive.

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