Deep Ellum Brewery

Deep Ellum Brewery, Dallas

I am not going to lie to you, I am definitely more of a wine girl than beer, however, if you mix some tasty craft beer, nice weather, a patio, live music, board games, and girl scout cookies together, you get an experience you just can’t pass up!

Deep Ellum Brewery is set in – you’ll never guess – the Deep Ellum area of Dallas. Deep Ellum is a cool place to begin with funky speak easy bars, world-famous BBQ, and a plethora of whimsical statues and graffiti art. The Brewery is situated right on the edge of the area and is the perfect end to a nice walk through all of the nearby thrift shops.

After walking through a tree branch arch, you enter the Tap Room of the Brewery and your eyes dart all around. Not only does the decor match the area to a T, but there are plenty of beers to choose from, live music to be heard, games to be played, and people to watch. People watching is one of my favorite past times and the Deep Ellum Brewery a prime spot to do so.

On Saturdays, the Brewery does tours so you can learn how they make all of their craft brews, and, for only $15, you get a signature glass and three 12 oz. beers of your choice! If you get peckish, there are trusty food trucks to soak up all of the hops. In addition, kiddos are welcome so getting any group of friends and family together is not a problem.

Deep Ellum Brewery

In summary, if you are looking to spend sometime outside on a beautiful day and not spend too much money, checking out Deep Ellum Brewery is a great choice!

Emporium Pies, Dallas

Emporium Pies, Dallas

Bishop Arts District is one of my favorite spots in town because of the sheer number of things to do there. Why spend all of your time at one restaurant when you can do a progressive dinner, ending in short walk-off-your-delicious-dinner stroll to Emporium Pies for dessert!?

Emporium Pies is run out of an enchanting tiny old house at the outskirts of Bishop Street. Typically, there is a line of people waiting to order their delicious piece of the pie at almost all times and there is even live music outside while you wait. With that said, I definitely recommend arriving earlier in the evening rather than later as their best flavors run out quickly. I have still not been able to enjoy their version of apple pie!

Anyway, the sweet smell wafting through the doorway immediately grasps you and pulls you and your taste buds into the small dining room. The menu on the wall makes your mouth start to water, especially upon reading that you can add a scoop of ice cream, with a side of coffee or tea, to your order. My pie-taster-extraordinaire boyfriend had the Father Christmas, a peppermint pie with chocolate cookie crust – umm, yumm! – and I opted for the Merry Berry pie, a mixed berry pie with walnuts and the most melt-in-your-mouth crust I have ever had. I asked them to warm my pie up too before enjoying which made it that much better!

Merry Berry Pie at Emporium Pies, Dallas

Needless to say, that pie didn’t last long after that picture was taken!

(Feature photo credit to Emporium Pies. Those pies featured are out of the oven and ready to go now if your hungry!)