Milan, Italy

Did you know that, in Italy, €6 buys not one slice, but an entire pizza? Neither did my tour group until four of us got peckish after lugging our luggage up four stories at our Milan home, Hotel Perugino. We found a quaint little pizza place up the block and all ordered our own pizzas – oops!


We got to-go boxes for our pizzas but the mini-fridges in our hotel were only 4 inches deep so that didn’t work too well. Lesson learned – share your pizza.

After a quick pizza-induced nap, our big group started the trek to our welcome dinner. I got to know some more of the group as we walked through a park filled with sculptures and people on slack lines. We rode like the locals on a tram to arrive at the 5th biggest cathedral in the world – Duomo di Milano. There were hordes of pigeons looking to be fed outside of the Duomo and people that almost force food in your hand so they can charge you for a picture with the pigeons.

The Duomo itself was massive and, as my first Italian cathedral,  was one of the most impressive things I had ever seen. The caveranse expanse of the interior was just as impressive with beautiful painting’s and ancient art throughout.


Milan Tips:

  • Share pizza
  • Watch out for people haggling you for money
  • Cover up legs and shoulders in the Duomo or you won’t be let in

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