Sushi Bayashi, Trinity Groves

I love sushi, but unfortunately, my boyfriend does not. To get around that, I always suggest getting sushi when catching up with my friends or doing girls nights to get my fix. Fortunately, I was lucky the other night when one of my friends replied  “yes!” to meeting at Sushi Bayashi in the Dallas Trinity Groves area.

Sushi Bayashi in the Dallas Trinity Groves

We started with some happy hour sake since their happy hour is from 5-7 everyday, even on the weekends! Love that. And after perusing the menu of tempting entrees, we decided on three rolls:

  • A spicy tuna roll – this roll was yummy but a typical tuna roll. If you are into the basics, this roll is not a bad option.
  • A coconut crusted soft shell crab roll – Soft shell crab is, by far, one of my favorite Japanese dishes and, mixing those flavors with coconut and a peanut dipping sauce, is a culinary feat. I will be day dreaming about this roll until I go back for more!
  • An eel roll with basil cream and eel sauce drizzle – You must try this roll! My dinning companion had never had eel and couldn’t get enough of this roll, so naturally, we had a chopstick fight to determine winner of the last few pieces. The picture of this roll, featured below, does not to it justice (got to love ambiance lighting that doesn’t bode well for picture taking), so feel free to order it, take a picture of your own, and post it below with how much you love this roll too!

Eel roll with basil drizzle

A few things to note –

  • The rolls range from $7-$24, a little more pricey than usual. Our specialty rolls were about $14 – $15 each but totally worth every penny.
  • The online menu is complete from the entrée side, but not for sushi. I heard great reviews about this place but was a little worried after looking online and not seeing many roll options. Rest assured, the sushi menu is much more flushed out when you are actually at Sushi Bayashi.

Overall, if you are a sushi lover like me, Sushi Bayashi is basically guaranteed to be a winner in your book too!

Milan, Italy

Did you know that, in Italy, €6 buys not one slice, but an entire pizza? Neither did my tour group until four of us got peckish after lugging our luggage up four stories at our Milan home, Hotel Perugino. We found a quaint little pizza place up the block and all ordered our own pizzas – oops!


We got to-go boxes for our pizzas but the mini-fridges in our hotel were only 4 inches deep so that didn’t work too well. Lesson learned – share your pizza.

After a quick pizza-induced nap, our big group started the trek to our welcome dinner. I got to know some more of the group as we walked through a park filled with sculptures and people on slack lines. We rode like the locals on a tram to arrive at the 5th biggest cathedral in the world – Duomo di Milano. There were hordes of pigeons looking to be fed outside of the Duomo and people that almost force food in your hand so they can charge you for a picture with the pigeons.

The Duomo itself was massive and, as my first Italian cathedral,  was one of the most impressive things I had ever seen. The caveranse expanse of the interior was just as impressive with beautiful painting’s and ancient art throughout.


Milan Tips:

  • Share pizza
  • Watch out for people haggling you for money
  • Cover up legs and shoulders in the Duomo or you won’t be let in

Italy – The Beginning


Italy had been on my list for decades – or more simply put – since I tasted pasta for the first time. Fun fact about me; I am an admitted pasta-holic. The opportunity to plan my first non-family, across the globe trip finally arose two years out of college and Italy was the destination.

Unfortunately (but ultimately fortunately), none of my friends were able to join on my trip, so I made the decision to book solo through EF College Break– a trip service for early 20-somethings with reasonably priced travel options that go all over the world. Something about a fully booked trip with excursions, language speaking tour guides, and transportation that didn’t include me driving on the Italian roads really stood out as a good booking choice! (I like easy).

I chose a two-week Tour of Italy, packed my suitcase, and flew solo from Dallas to Milan, Italy. Walking through the airport upon arrival was terrifying as I had no idea if the guide and my group were A) going to actually be at the meeting point and B) going to be full of people already paired off in groups that came together. Thankfully, I was not the only one at the meeting point and, after about two hours of people constantly trickling into our meeting area, a short, balding, early 30-something Italian named Dario strolled over and announced he would be our gallant tour guide. Dario informed the four guys in our group that they had a high likelihood of finding love in the air as the other 38 of us were all women, and that the women in the group were going to fight in the Colosseum to lay claim to the four guys. Needless to say, the trip was off to a hilariously, estrogen filled, pasta craving start